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CanSchoold provides an opportunity to obtain an international high school diploma without leaving your home.


this is the first step on the way to the success of the child

CanSchool gives you the opportunity to save a year of your life and start studying at an international university immediately after graduation, without a preparatory program


it's a limitless choice

CanSchool is guaranteed to give you the opportunity to enroll in more than 231 higher education partner institutions around the world


it's endless vistas

CanSchool gives you the opportunity to learn English perfectly


it is an international study
without borders

CanSchool gives you the opportunity to study in Canadian
and American systems online

what is CanSchool,
in 2 minutes

CanSchool this is an international school

The curriculum is built based on the principle of academic difference. Your child will study general education subjects in English online with Canadian teachers being responsible for the quality of education. In 3 years, your child will receive an international high school diploma.

Get an individualized learning strategy for your child for free.

trains leaders!

At least 10% of our graduates go on to receive prestigious scholarships. We prepare a full package of documents for students that confirm their leadership skills.

Volunteering and participating in international competitions and charitable projects gives our students a higher chance of getting a scholarship compared to other international candidates.

CanSchool is an official learning centre registered in Canada.

CanSchool’s high school diploma (OSSD – Ontario Secondary School Diploma), which is awarded to our distance education graduates, has the same legal value and appearance as any other high school diploma issued by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

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Two hundred children have already graduated from CanSchool International and are studying at the world's top Universities.

CanSchool has over 231 partner universities around the world, where your child is guaranteed entry, perhaps, with a scholarship or preferential terms.

2000 $ semester
at the rate of 1 subject = 1 semester

Total amount

3 years of studying = US$12,000

For convenience, you pay for each subject separately. Which amounts to six contributions of US$2000

Course cost

learning at CanSchool

In addition to limitless prospects for your child, you get:
guarantee of admission, training with native speakers, access to modern and technological online platforms of international schools.


Inna Kogan
Founder of CanSchool International Learning Centre

Licenced Canadian immigration lawyer since 2002.
Guest lecturer at Canadian Colleges, speaker at international conferences.
Author and former assistant editor of a professional legal publication in Canada.

Inna Myniuk
Principal of a partner high school, Matrix Academy

PhD in computer linguistics.
Master’s degree in pedagogy.
3 years as a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Boston, USA), Department of Linguistics and Philosophy.
Publications in magazines: First Language and UConn/MIT Working Papers.
Participation in conferences and seminars at the world’s top universities.
More than 20 years of experience teaching students in primary, secondary and tertiary education.

Jason Dorien
Founder and principal of partner high school, Freedom High School

More than 10 years of experience in the field of education.
Cooperation with prestigious international private boarding schools and universities.
Provided more than 1000 international students with the opportunity to receive a Canadian education.
Organiser of international education fairs for Canadian educational institutions.

Keizth Mayer
Contributor of an American partner school

Executive director of IBM corporation.
Representative of Princeton University in Asia (Kyoto, Japan).
Principle of the English-Speaking Society in secondary school at Osaka Sange
General director of American Home Life International (AHLI)
Partner and general manager of the ACP program and WA Online.

Matthew Nib
Principal of an American partner school

USC’s Rossier School graduate.
St. Stanislaus College Preparatory School director.
Marketing and development director of a Chinese education consultancy.
Principle of the support programme in day school, Upland Country.
A partner and Global Strategist at ACP and online programme director at WA.

Karen Morrison
Licensed teacher in Canada

Master’s degree in education.
Academic Award for dissertation in Assistant Technology.
More than 30 years of experience teaching in Ontario.
Teacher in the Faculty of Education at Western University.
Writing activities at the Ministry of Education.

Nathan Bishop
Principle of Blyth academy Online

Supporter of distance learning.
Teaching experience in Ontario and outside of Canada.
Experience with technology and innovation in education.
Additional qualification in administration

Here is an interactive platform that hosts classes for CanSchool students led by experienced teachers from Canada.