Admission and education rules

Important to know!

To be admitted to CanSchool and learn comfortably with native speakers, your child must speak English at least at an intermediate level.

Documents needed for CanSchool admission:

Complete application form

Test results from Canadian teachers

School transcripts for the last three years
(original + copy on both sides)

Student’s birth certificate
(original + copy on both sides)

Passport (original + copy on both sides)

Important to know!

Each semester students are consulted with respect to the appropriate subject(s) for their major from a standard list of academic courses.

The general list can be seen/downloaded here

CanSchool is responsible for each student’s results,
so there are rules for everyone:

To reach such academic success as our former graduates, you should not miss classes. The school may recommend retaking the course if you miss more than 20 hours of classes (total course workload is 120 hours).

We recommend doing homework and all exciting projects on time to get good grades for your diploma.

You must prepare for each class to pass all the exams with a passing grade.

If the annual grade is lower than 51%, CanSchool may recommend re-taking the exam which means a repeat payment for the course

Download the contract in Russian Download the contract in English