Feedback and Achievements

Reviews of our stars

Arina Safronova
Accepted to Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

CanSchool helped because, objectively, the phrase "I studied at two schools at the same time" sounds excellent on the CV, and Ryerson noted it. They even wrote me a letter: how did you cope with the two schools? So, I finished two schools at once - Ukrainian and Canadian. That is important.

Sofia Davydova
I got into Erasmus University Rotterdam

The advantage of CanSchool compared to regular schools is that you only learn what you really need and not a million subjects that you will forget when you leave school. Teachers are also much more open; you can always approach them without fear, and they will always help you.

Arseniy Boudaev
Enrolled in Canada

CanSchool is an opportunity to get a diploma in three years and go abroad.

Accepted at Ryerson University with scholarship

I can say that the school really helped me choose my university and get into the one I wanted to study in Canada. The school really helped me get a scholarship to the university, which was very helpful for my first-year budget in Canada.

Accepted to McGill University with scholarship

CanSchool helped me a lot with the subjects we studied here. Especially maths. Without maths and English, without knowing the terms and without CanSchool in general, I would have definitely failed my first year. CanSchool helped a lot with getting a scholarship in university and just with getting a place in the business department.

CanSchool student

If you plan to study abroad, it is better to get your schooling at CanSchool, so it is easier to get in and not waste a year studying for an academic degree. Learning in this school is an excellent addition to your experience, education, and future.

CanSchool student

I have probably learned more in two years at CanSchool than I learned in all my years at my usual school because you get more knowledge for the future on this platform, which will also help me in my studies. So, I recommend you apply to CanSchool.

The achievements of our stars

children have entered for a scholarship in the last year
children have passed exams with the highest mark
Each child has participated in 3-4 volunteering projects during their study period.
Each pupil has taken part in 3-4 social projects during their whole study period charitable projects
Our graduates are studying in 7 countries of the world


Toronto U, 180,000$

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York U

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